Building effective talent pipelines is hard.
We do the heavy lifting.
Staffability sources, engages and delivers pre-screened and pre-qualified candidate pipelines across all corporate department hiring needs. We populate the data into your tool of choice, whether that be an ATS, CRM, etc. Hire as many or as few of the pipeline candidates as you wish, with ZERO transaction or variable costs.

Across all job requirements, top performing hires are 4 times more productive than an average hire. Top performing sales hires are actually 8 times more productive than average sales hires.

Aberdeen Research finds that 80% of organizations struggle to recruit high-potential talent, and 79% of recruiting managers do not know how to solve their talent acquisition problems.

When you partner with Staffability, you have taken a giant step toward solving your talent challenges.
Staffability gives your company the ability to win the war for talent versus your competition.
Global Reach
Our proprietary mix of AI tools and other technologies, combined with our decades of experience, ensures that we will identify and engage with the talent that your company needs to succeed.
Improved Metrics
Our service helps you improve the benchmarks of all the metrics that truly matter; Time-to-Hire, Cost-per-Hire, Interview Efficiency, Quality-of-Hire. These metrics pay direct dividends to your companies bottom line results.
Reduction of Talent Spend
When Staffability is your partner, we do the heavy lifting of sourcing and qualifying elite talent, allowing your company to reduce your investment in tools and retain a lean, elite team of professionals to negotiate and close the offers.
Our services
Best-in-Class results, customized for your business
Custom Candidate Marketplace
We curate pools of candidates targeted to your company culture and hiring needs - both present and future.
On-Demand Sourcing
Our experts can change focus in an instant and support your changing business cycles.
Executive, Management, Staff, Consultants, Contractors, Interns
We offer support for your all of your departments and your entire business - from entry level to the C-level.
Passive Candidate Engagement and Activation
Our sourcing efforts include consistent outreach to the passive A-players that make meaningful and lasting impacts on your business results.
Additional services available
Talent Advisory, Talent Branding, Compensation Strategy, Full Lifecycle Recruiting, Risk Management.
Value across all verticals
No matter what your hiring needs are, Staffability is able to do the heavy lifting and raise your ability to acquire the elite professionals you need to hire.

We identify, qualify and build pipelines of interested and available talent, for a fraction of the cost associated with other services.
*Pricing above includes a minimum of 5 pre-screened and pre-qualified candidate introductions per month. All candidates meet pre-defined criteria. Data is populated into client's tool of choice. Client may hire all candidates without additional transaction fees. Criteria requested may affect pricing. Minimum duration of agreement does apply.

**Diversity & Inclusion Pipelines and Pipeline-on-Demand - offers the ability to change the vertical in which we build pipelines for you each month, during the term of engagement. Pricing is contingent upon the vertical serviced during the period.
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